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You don't have to battle your demons alone. Take care of your mental health by meeting with a licensed counselor at the Full Life Family Resource Center in Broken Bow, OK as frequently as necessary. Our seven trained and licensed counselors help people of all ages handle stress and trauma.

If you or your child has SoonerCare / Medicaid and meet criteria then counseling sessions are free.

Trust our counselors to help you battle emotional stress

At the Full Life Family Resource Center, we help individuals dealing with all types of issues who may benefit from counseling. Contact us for help dealing with:

•Adjusting to new situations
•Bi-polar disorder
•Parenting issues
•Substance abuse
•Sexual abuse

If you need one-on-one care, the Full Life Family Resource Center is the place for you. Plus, we accept SoonerCare! Contact us now to learn more about our services and pricing.